CEW23-Connected Educators Webinar: Thriving During Difficult Times: Solution-Focused Strategies

This webinar explores how you can more fully notice and appreciate the useful ways you are already coping with difficulties and also explore ways to go beyond coping to thrive and grow during challenging times.

During challenging times, such as pandemics, identifying and appreciating your best ‘coping’ and ‘managing’ strategies is helpful.  Possibilities also often exist to go beyond coping and managing, to growing and thriving through the struggle with challenging situations.  Solution-focused questions help people notice, appreciate and give themselves credit for the ways in which they are already coping and managing difficulties, and also introduce and expand possibilities for going beyond coping to growing and thriving.  

What would coping better and thriving look like for you, for your family, your workplace, and your community?  Would you like to learn ways to leverage your existing strengths and resources to increase satisfaction and promote further growth?  This webinar explores practical and enjoyable solution-focused strategies that can be applied to any situation with yourself and others to enhance coping, tap into and expand hope, and utilize people’s strengths and resources to identify and make steps of progress toward their hopes and goals. 

Guest Speakers: Ron Warner, Dina Bednar and Joanna Boutilier

Three Solution-Focused practitioners will discuss ways to enhance coping strategies and open possibilities for growing and thriving in challenging situations. This webinar will include strategies to activate and amplify your existing strengths and resources, enhance the power of hope in your life, and take small steps toward growing stronger and thriving during difficult times. 

Dr. Ronald Warner is a clinical psychologist, Ryerson Professor Emeritus, and the Founder and Director of the Solution-Focused Counselling & Brief Therapy Certificate Program at the University of Toronto, which is now in its 21st year.  Dr. Warner is the author of Solution-Focused Interviewing: Applying Positive Psychology, A Manual for Practitioners.

Dina Bednar is a solution-focused registered psychotherapist and a registered marriage and family therapist with extensive clinical experience, who practices and teaches the Solution-Focused tenets, assumptions and techniques. She lives a solution-focused life.

Joanna Boutilier is an award-winning educator, Certified Solution-Focused Practitioner, Professor at Humber College, & Coach who specializes in bringing solution-focused, strength-based practices & conversations into classrooms, staff rooms, schools, workplaces, communities, & organizations serving youth, girls, & women.   


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