Record of Learning

Your professional learning has not gone unnoticed! There are a few types of documents you can access to showcase your learning:

Course Grades & Confirmation of Completion
Final grades are available within 2 weeks of the course completion on your Learner Portal under “My Enrollment History”. Select the Print icon beside your completed courses and choose between a Confirmation of Completion report or a Statement of Grades Report.

Unofficial Record of Learning
For a complete record of learning in PDF format, please contact

Please note: Courses completed in Fall 2016 or prior will not appear on the record of learning and will be provided in a separate PDF document.

Official Record of Learning
Due to COVID-19, at this time, official records in a sealed envelop are temporarily unavailable. For a digital copy of your official record, please email (OCT members, please include your OCT membership number). The $12 service fee will be waved until further notice. 

Recognition of Achievement or Certificate of Completion Re-Print
For eligible Continuing & Professional Learning Programs only: If you have any questions regarding your eligibility, please contact  Due to COVID-19, at this time, we are not able to issue hard copies of the Recognition of Achievement or Certificate of Completion. Please submit the request in your Learner Portal under “Special Request” and a digital copy will be provided. You will be notified when a mailed copy can be issued. 

T2202A Tax Forms
T2202A tax forms, for eligible courses completed in 2017-2019 are available on your Learner Portal under “Tax Receipts”. For 2016 tax years and earlier, your record is accessible for 7 years through Please contact if you need support logging in. If you need access to a T2202A form from more than 7 years ago, please contact

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