The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) of the University of Toronto has, for more than a century, made a major contribution to advancing education, human development and professional practice around the world. As the leading world renowned faculty of education in Canada, OISE has been on the front lines of education reform by building the capacity and capability of education professionals across all sectors of the Canadian education system as well as leading education research around the globe. Through our extensive research, and wide array of professional development solutions we continue to learn and evolve our understanding of best education practices which in turn assists Canada, and our global colleagues, in achieving their strategic education vision.

Annually, OISE Continuing and Professional Learning welcomes international delegations to join us and learn more about how Canada has achieved high impact and sustainable results.  We also travel the globe and provide consultation services, as well as custom designed professional development programs, that address the many needs and objectives of education leaders and their organizations.

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