Congratulations Robin Persad! Recipient of the 2019 OISE CPL Award of Excellence

Sep 17th, 2019  |  Award of Excellence

To acknowledge and formally recognize the incredible talent in our team of educators, each year we present an OISE CPL award of excellence to one outstanding, staff-nominated facilitator.

This year, we were pleased to present Robin Persad with the 2019 Award of Excellence recipient during our Connected Educators Fall Forum.  Since he started working with OISE CPL ten years ago in Spring, 2009, Robin has demonstrated exceptional facilitation skills and built engaging online communities of professional practice. He is known amongst learners for providing professional, practical insights that stretch thinking, along with timely, comprehensive feedback to support their learning. Many of his learners have expressed their desire to take more courses with him, and CPL administrative colleagues appreciate Robin’s flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile – sometimes with very short notice.

Robin receiving his award from the OISE CPL team
Announcing Robin Persad as the winner of this year's award of excellence.
Robin receiving his award.
The crowd at the annual facilitator forum.

Although Robin was unable to attend the original award ceremony during the OISE CPL Fall Forum event, the entire extended team sent him heartfelt congratulations (and virtual high-fives). We recently had the pleasure of presenting Robin his award in person at the OISE CPL offices. Congratulations, Robin!

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Gelareh Keshavarz
Gelareh Keshavarz