City of Antwerp Keynote Presentation & Workshop

Jan 18th, 2018  |  News

“Antwerp Educational Capital” is Vice-Mayor Claude Marinower’s vision for the city of Antwerp, and he is leading the charge by collecting ideas and practical examples to inform their strategies and policies toward 2028.

A delegation of Antwerp’s politicians and educational leaders visited OISE in October 2017 to learn more about the levers for change that drove Ontario and Canada’s education reform and increased student performance to make Canada, and specifically Ontario, a recognized leader in K-12 education. As a result of the visit to OISE and discussions that ensued after the formal presentations, the Belgian leaders from the city of Antwerp expressed an interest in building on-going collaborative professional learning projects with OISE.

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Following the October visit to Toronto, The City of Antwerp invited Evelyn Wilson, Associate Director, Learning Solutions PreK-12 at OISE, to give a keynote address to policymakers and education leaders in Antwerp on January, 2018th.

“I was really inspired by the commitment from all the stakeholders to continue to improve their student achievement and focus on professional development to build their teacher and principal leadership capacity,” said Evelyn Wilson.

“Educational leaders in Antwerp value the ongoing collaboration that is developing between their city and OISE – it is a great opportunity for us to share and learn from each other. I look forward to returning to Belgium again later this year to continue the conversation.”

Educational leaders in the city have also requested workshops on a variety of topics related to school improvement, with specific interest in how Ontario uses research and data to inform instructional practice.

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